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ADHD, Anxiety & “mood disorder unspecified”

So guess what…I feel like a person again. Because we are still sorting out the why and the how and the what of my mood disruptions, it didn’t seem the time to give me a specific diagnosis…though we needed one to function within for insurance purposes: “mood disorder, unspecified”. I feel good about this for … Continue reading

Anxiety / Coping Strategies / Medications

To Abilify, or not to Abilify?

Well hello there blog-world. Readers. Writers. Mental health blog-reading junkies. I’m reporting today from “mentally altered” land. Where I’m pretty sure I’ve taken a slightly too high dose of the Abilify that I was prescribed yesterday. Geez, I’m med sensitive. My first round of medical inquiries has basically come to an end, as of yesterday, … Continue reading