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Gluten-free, #ADHD-friendly stir-fried (and, apparently, hyphenated) stuff.

I don’t really post about the whole gluten-free thing often, because it’s not really what this blog is about…though my rant, probably a couple of years ago, about how much I hated having to eat gluten-free really took on a life of its own (it’s one of the most-visited posts on this blog)…so I know … Continue reading

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Packing Lunch, #ADHD-style Part II: What to pack.

It occurred to me after my previous post, that it might be helpful to share some of my favorite slapdash lunch-packing solutions. If you looooove cooking then you’ve clearly got an advantage and I envy your passion for food. But here’s what I stuff into a lunch bag, in no particular order: Box of crackers. … Continue reading