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ADHD: Ensure your own success.

When the often native impatience of ADHD is steering you, it’s easy to put things off – things that you should have done five minutes ago. It has taken me years, to learn to over-ride that impulse. And by over-ride, I mean mostly ignore the impulse to procrastinate on life’s little details, about 85% of … Continue reading

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Adult ADHD: Despite our best intentions…blowing it.

We of the ADHD tribe all have days where, despite our best intentions, something goes wrong. Even when we don’t realize it. Especially when we don’t realize it. Yes, I realize that sounds like a major understatement, obviously we have days where things don’t go quite right, but to clarify, I mean a day where … Continue reading

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ADHD Hell #248: The First Day of School

The first day of school has the potential to drown an entire ADHD household. Aside from the obvious “extra details” that could be rather overwhelming to juggle, it involves a change of routine, for not just one household member, but for the entire household. Routine is challenging for the ADHDer and changes in routine are … Continue reading