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My Right to Experience the Broad Spectrum Emotional Range of Normal

I have had so many happy days recently. And thoughtful days. And busy days. And a few anxious moments. A few moments of disappointment. Joy. Disgust. Frustration. Calm. Peace. Satisfaction. When you talk about psychiatric medications with a group of people, you’ll get a lot of different opinions. Some based on personal experience. Some based … Continue reading

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Are My Meds Are Working? On Santa, Poop and Ham Sandwiches

Trying new meds, as I am right now, brings on a really important question – how do I know if my meds are “working”? It’s a tangle of definitions…I mean what do I mean by “working”? What’s my range for “acceptable”? Do I care about any “side effects” I may be experiencing (that aren’t dangerous … Continue reading

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To Abilify, or not to Abilify?

Well hello there blog-world. Readers. Writers. Mental health blog-reading junkies. I’m reporting today from “mentally altered” land. Where I’m pretty sure I’ve taken a slightly too high dose of the Abilify that I was prescribed yesterday. Geez, I’m med sensitive. My first round of medical inquiries has basically come to an end, as of yesterday, … Continue reading

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The Quest For Treatment Perfection

Back in 2010, I experienced the onset of what I now know is an atypical migraine manifestation (I have chronic migraines that manifest as severe vertigo and cognitive impairment…vestibular migraine). I take a medication for it, which coincidentally happens to be a psychoactive medication: Nortriptyline. It’s an old tricyclic antidepressant (it’s also beneficial to some … Continue reading