#ADHD and Worklife Balance

Notice that I didn’t title this “#ADHD and Work/Life Balance”. That’s because I’m not even close to figuring that shit out. However, I think I’ve figured out some things that are effective – at least for me, in the work place.

The biggest consideration that I have to keep in mind, in order to keep myself productive at work, is that I need to vary the types of activities that I perform during the day.

That generally means not just varying the tasks, but vascillating between mental and physical tasks. For example, I will often gravitate toward cleaning tasks at my office, when I can’t seem to focus on mental tasks. Sometimes the physical motion seems to get me back in the mood to think, too. In fact, sometimes my best thinking happens when I’m in motion, so that I’m able to come back to the mental task and be better able to engage in it.

Today I have worked on mental tasks…made some phonecalls…and am about to clean up a huge pile of paper that needs to be sorted through, after I bring a big pile of stuff out to the boss’s car that he needs for his next road trip.

Judging from the way I’m yawning right now, either I’m boring myself with this post or it’s time to get moving again, and away from the computer…so here I go…


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