#ADHD and The Invisibility of The Obvious

So here I am at the tire shop, getting a new tire put on my car. The guy behind the counter remarks that the tire I’m having replaced is in really bad shape. He’s right, it is. I have actually been avoiding driving very far on it and have been using my mother’s or husband’s car when I need to drive the kids somewhere. 

Now I should mention that I actually brought my car here several weeks ago but my car broke down in their driveway and I ended up having to get it to the shop instead of having them replace the tire. But enough rationalizing….

I explained to him that my to-do list is often so much longer than I am able to handle that it’s just hard to get everything done. He said: 

“You mean you don’t move the items on the bottom up the list for the next day so they get higher priority?”


That would be logical, wouldn’t it? More logical than having a vomit of post-its everywhere, stuck to lists, written on limbs, stuffed in my purse. Sometimes I manage this vision of his, this beautiful, linear statement, this making-so-much-sense-ness. 

Right now I’m failing at this. I am carrying a purse around that is actually a big reusable grocery bag (that I’m clearly not using as a grocery bag because who in their ADHD mind can even manage THAT shit). The big grocery bag is stuffed with three purses that I need to empty and consolidate the contents of. And there’s…other stuff in there. It’s a mess. Piles of bills. Snacks. My calendar. A literal heaping ton of ADHD baggage.

Sure, tire guy. Next time, I’ll do that. I’ll put all my post its on one list and mark those to-do items off with purpose, and rewrite the list for the next day with the oldest items at the top. 

For today, let’s just focus on getting that new tire on my car so I can at least chuck one of my post-its into a crumpled ball inside of my giant grocery-purse of baggage. 


3 thoughts on “#ADHD and The Invisibility of The Obvious

  1. Oh my gosh! Yes! And don’t you just love it when people offer such helpful tidbits that seem perfectly rational to them, and they offer them up in a ‘what’s the big deal, that’s the easiest shit in the book’ kind of way. Or is that just me? And I ALWAYS need to consolidate a purse or five.

  2. In a perfect world…..however, what slipped down on the priority list for yesterday may still be low on the priority list for today when new issues arise that need to be addressed. But always never getting to the low items is bad too. After awhile, they become invisible, for me. This happens at work too, much to my distress. I just can’t get to everything I need to do with our continually shrinking staff. 😦

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