Salvation for the Depressed: Dry Shampoo

It’s almost like the makers of dry shampoo are depressed people themselves. How else could they create this product, so perfect in every way, for people who can barely get out of bed, nevermind bathe every day.

Especially those of us who are depressed, but who also have long hair, hair that requires a commitment each wash/dry, because it’s just so long.

I understand from my older friends, that dry shampoo hasn’t always had a great reputation. There are also some alternatives out there that have yielded questionable or inconsistent results over the years. You won’t catch me sprinkling cornstarch into my hair, for example. Getting it in there evenly and getting it back out again (so it doesn’t look too dusty) is WAY too much work for a depressed person.

These days, dry shampoo is a light, fragrant, miracle in a spray-can. Spray it on your roots and voila, in seconds, slightly greasy look hair looks brain new again, and has body. Spray, brush, style, and go. I’m not going to tell you my record for number of depressed days without a wash, but I’ll tell you what my dear friend Mechelle told me when I complemented her on HER hair recently:

Me: Mechelle, omg, your hair looks so cute today, did you get it cut, or colored or something new?

Her: (with a look of disbelief on her face) You don’t even want to know how many days I’ve been using dry shampoo on this mop. God bless you.

In short, there is better living through chemistry and through spray cans, and my hair is living proof. Brigitte Bardot would be jealous of these locks. So would Rapunzel because I’m better my hair has slightly more texture, the better for suitors to climb. And Medusa…well, have you ever tried to dry shampoo a head full of snakes? I guess she’s got a whole other can of worms to deal with, pun intended.

Vive la spray can!


4 thoughts on “Salvation for the Depressed: Dry Shampoo

  1. omg- so jealous- i wish i could use such a gr8 product but if i didnt wash my hair everyday i would be able to literally feel the microparticles of possible dirt on my scalp. 🙂 which would have me so distracted that all the meds in the world wouldnt be able to reel me in. lol

  2. I work with attorneys so I guess my job is dirty. I love dry shampoo. I camp in the Black Rock Desert for a week of sun and fun and costumes. I use dry shampoo since I do not wash my hair out there.
    I love your puns.

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