#ADHD: Boredom cultivates its own rewards.

Lest I sound too well adjusted, after my last post, I’m still chugging along ADHD-style over here and today, that means I’m bored out of my mind. Winter isn’t helping. What I really want to do is take the dogs on a long walk and the snow banks right now are about 4ft high. I’m totally cold-intolerant though, so outdoor sporting is a total no-go. I’m working on indoor options, but that’s another post.

Today is about how boredom can cause trouble, but it can also cause fun. Or at least distraction. The word distraction leaves mostly negative debris behind, but distraction isn’t always a negative thing. Sometimes it’s survival. Some would argue that ADHD distraction is just a variant of some ancient survival impulse, but those arguments usually end up at the “ADHD IS A GIFT” plateau and I strongly disagree. So let’s just say that distraction, at times, has its uses.

Today, it’s saving me from myself, and getting me through winter. I’m enjoying all the new activities I’m engaging in. I am learning how to play drums. I am learning acrylic painting. And NOW…NOW…because that’s not enough distraction for me (I can’t play drums as much as I would like to right now, because it’s too cold in our music room, so I’ll have to come back to that) I am teaching myself computer programming. Time will pass without my permission…spring will come eventually…I may as well become good at something interesting while waiting for it. And programming has enough challenge to keep my brain busy for a while. I mean really, it’s all about creating things, so it’s just another creative tool to add to my collection. And creative tools are the best. They are never fully spent. And in my case, the more creative tools I have, the better, because I can rotate through them when I’m REALLY bored.

The other thing about programming is that it’ll help me fill in the gaps that I have in understanding a whole process. I’ve taught myself lots of interesting things about HTML and how “things” fit together, and basic computer science knowledge…now I’m just seeking more knowledge, further down the chain. Exciting. Fun. Appeals to my inherently logical manner of thinking. Perfect distraction.

Big ol’ middle finger directed at Old Man Winter.


2 thoughts on “#ADHD: Boredom cultivates its own rewards.

  1. I’m following your blog because I feel like we relate on some level. Boredom is my enemy. I need constant stimulation which just gets obnoxious after awhile. :/ I also hate winter. I need warmth and sun and the outdoors. It’s driving me crazy. It’s not too bad in Alabama though 🙂

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