So I Went To A Naturopathic Doctor

Yeah, I did.

I was asked to arrive 15 minutes early, to fill out paperwork, you know, as doctor’s offices tend to ask. I actually made it there 15 minutes early…and nobody was there. The lobby was open and the lights were on but there was nobody at the desk. There wasn’t a human in sight. After a couple of empty and unheard hellos, I picked a seat and sat. Then I got up and paced around a bit. Then I sat. Then I got up and went over to the desk and stood there for a minute. I noticed a clipboard just inside the window so I grabbed it to see if it was the paperwork I was supposed to fill out – it clearly wasn’t – so I I sat again. I Twittered a little. I paced anxiously across the floor of my brain. Eyes darting about.

Conclusion: These people that I haven’t met yet are WAY too laid back for me. A person eventually popped up and took a guess as to what I was supposed to fill out – she was the billing person and this wasn’t her area of expertise.

I suck at being early – in that if I’m early, I’m very anxious about the whole thing – but nobody noticed because they were too busy taking things in stride and being generally naturopathic. Of course.

I did enjoy the appointment and sort of pity the doctor that she had to listen to me gab and babble for nearly two hours.

She’s going to test my stress hormones. Seems legit. Based on my anxiety level in the waiting room.

And I like information. Gather the information, decide what to do with it later.

Pace pace…pace pace…


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