#ADHD: Lower Your Expectations

I’m willing to court controversy here – and I’m also willing to start with a disclaimer, by saying that this is alllll subjective.

But I was looking at something on my bathroom counter yesterday and had a realization. It doesn’t bother me that my stepdaughter will open her bathroom storage box which lives on the counter, take out her hair brush, brush her hair, put the brush back into the box, but leave the lid halfway open afterward. I just don’t care. But I know people who DO care about those things and all I can say is: Either don’t live with someone who has ADHD, or learn to let most of it go.

Cupboards might be left open sometimes. Lights might be left on sometimes. Drawers might be left slightly open, with regularity.

Or perhaps you’re the ADHDer in the house. You do all of these things I’ve listed above, and then some. You know that some of these things drive your family or housemates nuts. Maybe it bothers you. My suggestion? Communicate with them, pick a few that a priorities, and focus on those first.

Personally, if I could just get everyone to shut off the lights around the house, I’d be willing to ignore almost everything else. Okay fine, I also want my family to continue cleaning up after themselves, but I mean that little stuff – the lid being left off of the bathroom storage container. The bread box door being left open. I don’t care about that stuff, but the lights cost money to operate – see what I mean? Priorities. Gotta pick ’em.

Because we’re never going to be perfect and it’s not worth spending your life being freaked out about this stuff.

Enjoy your life. Enjoy your weekend. Don’t beat yourself or anyone else up, with the little stuff.


4 thoughts on “#ADHD: Lower Your Expectations

  1. I frequently feel like I’m chasing myself in a circle with the following tasks: dishes, laundry, and dusting. They are never all caught up at the same time–dusting “bah–(I hate moving everything)-washing the dishes drives me up a wall after a certain point & i’ll just stop (some is better than none washed,hmm?) and laundry–washing’s not so bad–it’s the folding. But I try to get caught up…

  2. I wish my mom could read that because she is ALWAYS hollering at me for some huge infraction such as forgetting to scoot in a chair after getting up, forgetting to take the empty cereal box down to the recycling bin, hanging up my towel too crookedly, etc. Basically, I am VERY ADHD, and she is VERY Type A. No matter how hard I consciously try to be meticulous, I ALWAYS overlook something. Always. And she doesn’t understand that this doesn’t mean I’m careless, because if I was careless it would be way worse!

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