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#ADHD Cooking Hacks: Make Extra

I like to file this item under “things that make me feel relatively immature in relation to the rest of the adult population” but I don’t really mean it as a slight. Just as an observation. I often find that sometimes, the way I approach things is a little uh…well it just seems like sometimes I’m a little kid, figuring things out for the first time, but I’m nearly 40 years old. Oh well. In other ways, I’m light years ahead.

I’ve written before about how I don’t love cooking – but I’ve discovered that I actually like cooking, sometimes. I like it when I approach it as a mindfulness exercise and give myself permission to do nothing BUT cooking, for a nice, long, non-stressful amount of time, without feeling like I have 10 other things I should be doing at the same time. I also like it when it is part of planning for the week – because I know it will make my week easier if some food prep is done ahead of time.

One other thing that has made me appreciate food and cooking more – making extra. Lately I’ve been trying to  make a little extra when I prepare food, so that I don’t have to prepare food as often. Things that fall under this umbrella: Asking my husband to make a pot of chili that we can easily munch on for a few days (I guess that’s really HIM cooking, but I think you get where I’m coming from here…sometimes I cook the “big meal” and sometimes it’s him). One child likes salads…well I kind of hate making salads but I like it that I can wash and chop enough lettuce for three salads at one time, then put it in a container in the fridge so that the next time he asks for a salad, all I have to do is dump it on a plate and hand him the ranch dressing (I also have pre-shredded carrots in the fridge…these are good for these salads, but also good for spring rolls, which are an easy thing that I like to make too). I like chopping up a bunch of fruit ahead of time so that when the kids are looking for a snack, I can say “there’s a tub of chopped mango in the fridge”.

Last night I made some awesome gluten-free crepes (If you’re wondering, I used Bisquick Gluten-Free Baking Mix and used the pancake recipe on the back, but I cut the amount of baking mix used in half and kept the rest of the ingredients the same.) I scrambled up a little ground turkey to roll up in them – and added a little marinara sauce, that was leftover from the fridge, to the turkey. The recipe made about 5 crepes – that way I had dinner last night, and lunch today.

Lessons learned: Eating is important. But cooking doesn’t have to be miserable and in fact, sometimes it can be a means to making life easier.


2 thoughts on “#ADHD Cooking Hacks: Make Extra

    • Haha, yes, this is a challenge for many, methinks. Personally, I’m of the “it’s tastier on day two!” school of thought, so I look forward to leftovers. My husband tends to need reminders that they exist though, so I know that not everyone feels this way 🙂

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