Adult ADHD / Anxiety / Coping Strategies

ADHD: I Tried Something New. It Worked.

I have noticed that I have become more and more anxious about managing appointments, getting places on time, that sort of thing.

Because I actually care about minimizing the chaos in my life now, and I actually try to get places on time. I don’t always succeed, but I try.

The thing is, getting ready to go anywhere is a multi-hour event for me. Not because of getting ready to go. No…it’s all the vigilance and worrying that I do until it’s time to leave, because I’m afraid I’ll miss the right time to leave. If this doesn’t speak volumes about why I used to never bother, I don’t know what does, LOL.

Well yesterday I have four hours between when I got home and when I was visiting my therapist. I had a project that took about an hour. Then I had other things I COULD do…but I couldn’t seem to settle into any of them because I ONLY had two hours left before I had to leave the house. And it only takes 20 minutes to get there but I knew to cushion in extra time. But man…my vigilant mind had me just walking around the house doing NOTHING.

I sat and thought for a minute, and realized that the problem was that I was afraid I would miss the “right time” to leave. So…in a moment where my cognitive immaturity made itself a little painfully obvious…I SET A TIMER. I set it to go off a few minutes before “time to leave the house” and I put it down in a place where I could both see it and hear it from adjoining two rooms.

It enabled me to relax and sink into a project and a conversation, when my husband got home (my husband who has now started using the calendar, BTW, wheeee!)

Now to remember that this worked 😉


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