I Do What The Feelings Tell Me To

Sometimes our feelings tell us some pretty crazy stuff. But right now, my feelings are giving me some pretty solid advice.

Today, they told me that I wasn’t obligated to be happy. They told me that I didn’t have to verbally entertain anyone. That the tea I drank in the fancy dining room of a bed & breakfast with my aunties was delicious, and soothing. I did not push myself to feel or to not-feel anything.

My feelings told me to cook some enchiladas. That I was angry, still. That there is hope in the world but no need to force it to fruition any faster than its natural ripening.

They told me that my home is where I feel best, right now, and that tending to that home will promote healing in my heart.

That I have cared for too long about things that don’t matter.

That distractions are no longer useful.

That only I can save myself.

And that the process of doing so, will proceed at it’s own pace, and in its own time.


3 thoughts on “I Do What The Feelings Tell Me To

  1. “Process will proceed at its own pace and its own time”. You said a mouthful. I am very impatient for my shoulder to heal, nevermind that its been in pain for 5 months already. I just thought it could heal itself. I just want to be me again. The one that could pull weeds, water the patio plants, feed the critters, sweep the floor (oh, I want to sweep the floor!). I try to think of taking babysteps, but I feel more like I’m just sitting on my behind boo hooing all the time. And I’m mad too. Stupid body.

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