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Due Diligence in the Quest to Feel Better.

I’ve been a bit quiet since my goldfish post. I’ve been working to aright my little ship and to do some medical detective work. It’s just so clear to me that there’s something else going on with  me…my sleep pattern got all messed up again on its own (I was not tired for about a week) and then I was having brutal fatigue and falling asleep in the middle of the day…and that’s on top of the ridiculous mood swings I seem to have from time to time, that frankly, make it challenging for me to even deal with other humans.

I went to my primary care provider. They ran a bunch of tests. Everything came back normal. My thyroid and liver and organs are fine. I don’t have Lyme disease. I don’t have a rheumatological illness. I don’t have a bunch of other stuff. Went to my mental health provider – she gave me a chart to rack my moods and behaviors for a month, to see what we might find out. So I’ve been doing that, in addition to keeping a journal to complement the chart (because sometimes the devil is in the details). I’ve also been working hard to get a better amount of sleep, and to eat regularly. I got sick of waiting for my primary care provider to bother to get back to me about running some nutrient levels tests and some hormone levels tests – and started taking fish oil and B-vitamins, and soaking in Epsom salts, to get some magnesium. This isn’t random – I suspected that my migraines were flaring up in a “silent” way, since the brain fog and fatigue I was having were usually migraine-related in the past. These things can be handy for migraine related drama, but can also be beneficial to people with ADHD and with other mental health issues. So hey…I did it.

I have actually felt a LOT better since adding these three things into my routine. Of course, because I didn’t do it in a scientific, meticulous way, I have no way of knowing which of the three might be having the most beneficial impact but really…taking B-vitamins and fish oil, and taking relaxing baths is probably something I should be doing anyway. So while I normally would have liked to be more careful about adding and subtracting, in order to gather intel…I’m just glad I feel better. I have more energy and more mental clarity. I have to harass my general practitioner again. I don’t feel 100% better…but I probably feel 85% better overall, so far and that’s pretty damn good. The brain fog has moved back in as of yesterday though…so that’ll go in the journal. Last night, my stepdaughter asked me to do an activity with her and I said “I can’t right now, I have to clean the…dog…bucket.” She looked at me, perplexed, then said “You mean the cat box?” Yep, I meant the cat box. That’s how we know the brain fog has moved back in. My husband noticed it too. I AM NOT IMAGINING THE BRAIN FOG.

I am determined that I will continue to feel better. I have almost completely cut out alcohol, at least for the time being – I don’t need it interfering with my body’s work to feel good. I’ve got a nice lunch packed today. Took my meds and vitamins. Walked the dogs (I call this “exercise”). And I’ve been able to do these things daily (which is basically an ADHD miracle, lol).

So…sorry for the boring post. But that’s why I’ve been kind of quiet in the blogosphere this past month. Just haven’t been feeling well, and have been working to feel better.

And I guess that’s just how life goes – sometimes you need to put some effort into feeling better. Often…you have to put effort into feeling better. Of course…we with the ADHD have to put in effort every day to feel “better”. So it makes sense that when a little extra effort is required, to alleviate other issues, we may not have quite as much memory space or executive functioning capacity left for extra things. Like blogging. Gotta do whatchu gotta do.


One thought on “Due Diligence in the Quest to Feel Better.

  1. I think this post proves that we were twins separated at birth. Seriously, you have inspired me. I haven’t had blood work or a good physical in a while, so I need to prioritize that and and just do it. I have felt really brain foggy lately, too. I cut caffeine (mostly) and alcohol (mostly) back in August and have stuck to that. I started high powered vitamins — just a multi and have been doing Natural Calm (magnesium) regularly. I need to get more exercise but it’s tough. Anyway, I feel better but because I didn’t do any of this all that scientifically, I’m not sure what has helped the most. I need to make a point to take fish oil. I’m convinced it’s a must for brains such as ours. The vitamins I’ve been taking have it, and I definitely see an improvement with my kids when they take the vitamins with fish oil. Man…it’s a process managing all this, but it has to happen. Feel better.

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