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ADHD: The meaning of focus

I feel like I’m really verging on a major realization about focus. I always say that without medication, I never would have known what the word even meant. That’s true. But since then, I’ve acquired experience and the relationship between myself and my focus has been rocky at times, complex, joyful, productive, disastrous…to name just a few facets.

But I just…JUST…broke through a fog a tripped over a giant mushroom here, people (I don’t even know what that means).

In order to make the most of my focus, I have to be organized. This sounds so obvious that I feel stupid even typing it out, but there you have it. My medications and my determination have come together to give me AWESOME FOCUS. AWESOME. ALL CAPS-TYPE AWESOME. I might have blogged about this idea before, but I am having a moment of actual understanding, right this very minute.

Once I’m in that zone, I simply need a clear list of what needs to be done, so I can just do it. So I’m seeing that I need to make this list ahead of time. In a way, I always prepare for the next day by cleaning my work area at the end of the day. But this is different. I just need a list of like five things. If I don’t have a list, I will apply my focus to things that may be a lower priority, and I’ll still get nothing done.

I am SO making a list for tomorrow. I don’t mean the “BIG LIST” of things I need to do over a longer period of time, like I’ve been talking about in earlier posts…I just mean “here’s what I’m going to do with this four hour block of time” lists. I guess it’s the same, content-wise, as the small lists I’m about to start putting in my calendar, but it’s different in that I just need to write that same list on a piece of paper that I stick on the desk next to the keyboard so I can just keep rolling. Or maybe I just leave the calendar open on my desk and cross things off.

I realize that analyzing something so simple, in such detail sounds a little intense, maybe you could insert a blithe OCD comment here, lol…but this is big! I have always been “organized” in a way, but this is a new type of organization that I am learning, and I am excited about it.

Also, note to self, what’s with all these SERIOUS posts lately, I’m going to go foraging for my sense of humor, I promise 🙂


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