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Gluten Free Backyard Fun or, Why Gluten Free Living Doesn’t Always Suck

I looked out into my back yard today and noticed something delightful, immediately: The yard was already full of edible, gluten-free fun, and we haven’t even planted anything yet.

Looks like a mob of dandelions invited themselves over to party, and the lilacs, finally, after a cruelly long winter and an apprehensive spring, are popping like popcorn on the branch. And of course…what one person calls an invasive weed, I just call violets.

My ADHD is super excited about this too – wheeee, more projects! Something to stimulate my interest! Fortunately, a quick peek on the internet is telling me that making dandelion wine, and lilac wine, are fairly easy projects. And candied violets – I used to make candied flowers for my dad’s pastry shop so these, I know from experience, are super easy, so I won’t get myself into too much unmitigated ADHD overcommitment.

It’s projects like this that keep me from having gluten free meltdowns.

I’m also adding limoncello to the mix, because although I don’t grow lemons in my yard, it’s not hard to create a batch of it (with potato vodka instead of grain vodka, because grain vodka is NOT gluten-free). It also sounds pretty decadent to have homecrafted dandelion wine, lilac wine, and limoncello on hand for summer guests.

As I picked the flowers, I imagined my Yankee relatives, a few generations back, being inspired by the yard’s offerings in much the same way. They grew and canned and created many things from their yards so I don’t think extending the scenario in my fantasy seems to far-fetched.

That’s basically my strategy – combatting gluten-free angst with decadence and nostalgia. Because why not.


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