We Can’t Learn It All Now

Simple fact of life with ADHD – it takes time to solve the riddles. The riddles of your mind, the riddles of your body, the riddles of your behavior. It takes time to solve the riddles of your life.

I’ve been writing and shoegazing on my own ADHD for five years now and I’m still discovering what works and what doesn’t.

I think that one of the most interesting discoveries, for me, has been that I don’t have to always do everything the same and I don’t have to have the same routine every day and I don’t have to try to be perfect somehow all the time. Even neurotypical people aren’t.

A high-quality learning process is a journey and it continues. I know this doesn’t appeal, superficially to the impatience of ADHD, but that doesn’t really matter – because all we can do is live in the moment and plan for the future. We can’t KNOW what we are going to learn through experience and we can’t know what might happen next. Sometimes too, we have a few other things we need to learn, before we are able to be receptive to a bigger lesson.

Incremental growth. It’s what people do. Whether they have ADHD or not.


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