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ADHD meets the Tooth Fairy

Technically, I guess ADHD hasn’t met the Tooth Fairy at all. Because we keep forgetting to perform our Tooth Fairy duties this week. How many times can two ADHD parents forget to make this eagerly awaited tooth/money exchange? Well we’re setting a new record for our own forgetfulness this week – it’s been FIVE nights that this poor kid has been waiting. It might be kind of funny except that he’s getting very anxious about it and he keeps trying new strategies for alerting this fairy. I can picture him in therapy at age 26 “my parents were SO LAME, they couldn’t even remember to pretend to be the tooth fairy”. Last night he was almost agitated as he asked me “What do you think, should I put it under my pillow?! I really don’t want a tooth under my pillow! Maybe I should put it in a cup?” to which I too hastily replied “CUP! I like the cup idea. It’s easy to see things in the dark in a cup.”

Apparently it’s not easy enough to see things in the dark in a cup because my husband and I both forgot, AGAIN. The other day, this poor kid also made a bright neon green envelope, addressed to the tooth fairy, and set it on his desk – and I forgot. Thanks a lot tooth fairy, for failing to validate my child’s effort and sense of wonder. Fucking jerk tooth fairy.

I’m not sure what to do – part of the problem for me is that I need LARGE VISUAL CUES to remember things like this. Random, infrequent things like this are very hard for me to remember. But I can’t write a big note to myself that says “TOOTH FAIRY” because he’ll ask me why there’s a big note that says “TOOTH FAIRY”. We might have to resort to staging this elaborately. That might be the only way. Perhaps I could convince the child in question that the Tooth Fairy seems to be having delivery problems this week and we are just going to have to make it REALLY easy for the fairy to find that tooth. We may need to set up a tooth shrine. Signs, glitter, lights, arrows – HEY TOOTH FAIRY, MY TOOTH IS HERE.

We pull off Christmas. We pull off Easter. Damn you, tooth fairy. I feel especially jerky about this because honestly, my husband and I have had a rather stressful week, full of grown up drama – and my child has been very sweet, asking me to come sit with him and relax, chatting and telling me stories about spiders and dogs and vomit and other things that second graders like to talk about. It’s delightful. It’s sweet. It’s giving. It’s attentive and engaged. And here I can’t even pull off a tooth fairy charade for him.

Guh.  Stupid ADHD brains.


7 thoughts on “ADHD meets the Tooth Fairy

  1. I forget to put my dirty socks in the laundry–I’ll remember at some random time, or hubby will pick them up (not gladly), or my cat will “hunt” them at 2am with a horrible warbling!! (worst outside reminder!!)

  2. FUNNY – in a sad kind of pitiful kind of way I relate to only too well!

    Try a “milk and cookies” strategy – he’ll probably buy it, and you’ll see the prompt. (oops – now you ALSO have to remember to eat the cookies and drink the milk!)

    If I had been able to have kids, I probably would have forgotten THEM (my secret horror – leaving a child behind in a store, at the neighborhood pool, at school . . . )

    I think God knew what he was doing when he decided that maybe I didn’t need to be in 24/7 charge of a little one! 😀

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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