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Make Peace Your Highest Priority: An Update

It was fun to go back and re-read my last post, from February. February. Back when I had a whole other life. A life that was living me – and riding me hard, and making me crazy – vs. ME living IT. And that’s not living.

Panic attacks at my desk? Hiding from the world? Stuffing my face (okay, that part was kind of awesome). I was basically crashing and burning. Then I put my friend’s “put peace first” suggestion into play and here’s what happened next:

  • I quit two freelance gigs.
  • I removed every extracurricular from my schedule. There weren’t many left, as I’d been culling them, selectively, anyway, but I completed the process.
  • I started delegating some tasks to other people.
  • I was given more hours at work – which was actually good because the financial stability was a true gift (and validated my decision to let the freelance stuff go).
  • I embarked on a slow, and gradual stockpiling of the ingredients that I need in order for my creative business to continue growing.
  • I started saying “no” a lot. A lot. It’s pretty great.
  • I started taking more time to clean and organize my home and manage my household.
  • I stopped working in the evenings and on weekends.
  • I started tapering off of my anti-depressant with the assistance of my prescriber (I didn’t need the dose as high as it was…I’ll probably get into that in another post, but not right this minute).
  • I got my hands on a new stimulant medication that is long-acting and really gradual, and altogether fabulous. Note to self: Blog post for later.
  • I stopped taking phone calls from chaotic people. I stopped answering emails from them. I stopped answering Facebook messages from them. I stopped opening the door when they showed up at my house. Yes, they do, and yes…I did.

The result?

  • That creepy feeling in my solar plexus that had taken up residence, is 98% gone.
  • My smile has returned. My actual smile has been in remission for a few years. I actually developed frown lines. The smile is back. The weird mouth tension is gone.
  • I feel less anxious.
  • I like life again.
  • I feel less trapped in my geography.
  • I feel energized to be the person I really am.
  • I feel truly hopeful for my future and for the future of my family again for the first time in years.
  • I am confident about my professional options.
  • I feel more connected to the people and animals around me.
  • I really appreciate the good people in my life. And I’ve left some very bad people behind, where they belong.
  • My physical home feels less chaotic.
  • I’ve been cooking actual food.
  • I say regular silent thanks for the things that I enjoy, however small.

I could analyze this but I think that these lists speak for themselves. Don’t let fear rule you. Put peace first in your life. Make it your highest priority.




2 thoughts on “Make Peace Your Highest Priority: An Update

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. Peace is major with me. I’ve struggled lately with feeling unproductive, but then I remember the priority I put on living peacefully. I can only do so much, and often I don’t recognize what is actually too much until I’m too tangled in the weeds. Great post.

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