Adult ADHD / Coping Strategies

ADHD and The Things I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Figure Out Sooner

File under “Things I Can’t Believe It Took Me This Long To Figure Out”:

1) I finally got a cross/body purse. I leave my purse everywhere. Everywhere. A few times this summer, while running outdoor markets, I literally just dropped my purse in the middle of the walkway/street/sidewalk and walked away. For who knows how long, because if I could tell you, then I would not be having this problem. I also forget my purse in vendor tents and I’m lucky I have a very honest group of vendors. Cross body purse. This was a GOOD IDEA. I already basically wear it all day now. By summer it will be an actual body part.

2) I have been fighting the kids to get them to put their coats away and not dump them everywhere, for three years since we moved in here. We have a “coat room” that they never want to put their coats in. I’m tired of talking about it. They’re tired of hearing about it. Why in the HELL didn’t I just put a coat rack in the front hall? WHY?! I haven’t had to mention it once today. Not one single time. They even hung up their snow pants. I didn’t see that coming.



2 thoughts on “ADHD and The Things I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Figure Out Sooner

  1. Common Sense a Common Virtue? A coat rack in front of your face where you take your coat off so it’s all one fluid thoughtless automagic movement moment is the genesis for Keep Insanely Stupid Simple (KISS) as a smart acronym. Who cares if your coat rack is inviting to visitors? They don’t live with you and go in and out of the house 20-times a day.

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