ADHD: Cumulative Effects

I have no scientific evidence to back up this claim, but I’m just going to state what seems to be an absolute truth for me: When I run out of meds for a few days, something about how my days pass changes. It seems like as I go through each day, I just get MORE AMPED UP. More delightfully scattered. More, how do you say, spontaneous.

I started the day sluggish. Seemed like the throttle started to open up around 4pm and here I am at 9-something and I am AMPED and can’t shut off. I can’t seem to focus on anything because EVERYTHING IS AWESOME.

When I have my meds and take them throughout the day, I never end up here. This is a “meds-free-zone” activity. With the stimulant meds, I have a nice measured approach to the day and it’s not bad at all. It’s just different.

I really would like to be able to run scientific tests on myself to document and describe this when it happens because it fascinates me. I don’t really have that technology handy though, so I think I’ll hit the salted caramel gelato in the freezer.

(I did dig out my prescription, and when I get paid tomorrow I’ll gladly go back to the medicated life…I can be this spontaneous for just so long before I start to drive myself a little nuts.)


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