ADHD / ADHD and the Workplace


Let’s just get this out of the way right now: I am in a CRAP mood today. Partially because I really am legitimately unsatisfied with major areas of my life, but partially because I haven’t filled my stimulant prescription yet, so I’m on my baseline emotional roller-coaster. Everything SUCKS or is AWESOME or is LAME or is FUCKED or is like, whatever I happen to be feeling at the moment. The funniest part of all of it is the realization that nothing in my environment changes as I ride the roller coaster. It’s ALL in my head, lol. That’s not to say it isn’t REAL. It’s just not, you know, all about my reactivity and not the actual awfulness or awesomeness of anything.

ANYWAY, I tipped the scales of my day just slightly back in the direction of awesome.

I am working at a temp job, doing some office management and paralegal work for a former employer, during my “off season” while I’m growing my two little business empires (because TWO is better than ONE…that’s basic ADHD 101 thinking, get with the program…oh wait, you’re reading this blog, that means you are either with the program, or a spectator to it already).

So…this printer. This printer attached to the work station that I happen to be at today, is a douchebag. It’s been fickle since I left this office three years ago, and it’s fickle now. Wait…I mean it WAS fickle.

Until I just cracked a Diet Coke open and OWNED ITS ASS.

We were joking about taking it out for good, “Office Space” style, you know, with a baseball bat, in the parking lot…when I decided I would not be defeated by a printer. Three people trying to work from one workstation is insane, and totally unnecessary. The computer couldn’t seem to “see” the network printer either…what the HELL.

I started by trying to find a way to force it to see the network printer, but after running back and forth a few times between two offices at opposite ends of the hallway – that activity lost its lustre. I decided that even getting the printer and local computer to talk to each other at all would be a huge improvement. It took some doing, BUT I WON. Now I just hope that between the thrill of victory and the caffeine, I don’t give myself a panic attack.

You may think this is just a funny post about a printer. BUT NO.

I would just like to point out that my OBSESSIVE, HYPERFOCUSED TANGENT was of benefit, in this instance, to my whole office. Did I also use it as a way to avoid other work that I didn’t feel like doing…? Of COURSE I DID, geez. But I also got something very productive accomplished. I am not of the belief that ADHD is a “gift” but I am of the belief that sometimes (only sometimes), slightly disordered behavior comes with some coincidental benefits.

And now that I fixed the printer, I will be better able to get through the pile of work that I was avoiding even FASTER because I can just print right here instead of having to run around the office getting distracted and printing things in the other room, just when I was finally able to focus.



2 thoughts on “ADHD: I AM INVINCIBLE because DIET COKE

  1. Awesome post as usual Katie. Love it! My hyperfocuse is usually more annoying than anything so it’s good to read stories about it actually helped. And of course I absolutely relate to avoiding doing work that needs to be done. Now go fill your prescription! 🙂

    • Haha, thanks – I should have time to go fill it this weekend. I’ve been working a 40 hour desk gig this week so between that, and having the kids in the evenings while my husband works, getting to the pharamacy has been a huge challenge. I’m looking forward to getting it filled though. Life is such an emotional roller coaster for me when I don’t have my stimulant meds.

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