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ADHD: The pileup of life’s details.

You know those days. The days where suddenly you notice all of life’s little details and the fact that you can’t keep up with all of them and you’re like: WTF FOR REAL.

I really needed a break today, after the week I’d had last week…I failed at sleeping-in though, thanks to my dear friend Leontes, the cat, and his sidekick Pantalone (the other cat). Claws embedded in my skin, repeatedly, for four hours until I finally, enraged, agreed to get out of bed. I’m the zookeeper here, so I had to fulfill my zoo-ly duties.

After filling the cats, emptying the dogs, and for the moment, avoiding the humans, I went and hid in my bed, with my computer, to get some work done. I did get quite a bit done. I worked on my social media and ghost-writing duties, then I took new photos for my online shop, and I did some promotional work for my events.

Husband made an excellent gluten-free orzo salad for me.

And the 7-yr-old provided first-class entertainment while I worked through some mindless work tasks.

But at some point, as my brain began to focus a little more sharply and the piles came into relief against the otherwise pleasant background.

A pile of bills mixed in with some index cards from a strategic planning meeting. A pile of receipts that must be sorted through, for tax purposes. Some promotional postcards for a current event got mixed in with some for a past event. I don’t even understand what the jar of pizza sauce is doing next to the bills pile. I suddenly remembered an errand I’d promised to run for a friend. A package I needed to mail out. Another friend reminded me of an appointment coming up on Thursday. The kitchen, cleaned from tip to tail this morning by my husband, was somehow piled high again with dishes. I don’t even want to go into detail on the bathroom. Okay fine…the cat litter box in the bathroom has suddenly reached maximum capacity and we are out of litter. And we have one roll of toilet paper left. The upstairs hallway has a weird, unidentifiable smell (god only knows, with children and animals, what that might prove to be). And the laundry…I honestly can’t quite figure out what to do with the laundry. It seems to be my “of the moment” task that breaks the camel’s back, that I just can’t seem to get to. And our bedroom: Looks like you might expect the bedroom of two people with ADHD, three kids, four jobs, and a zoo to look like and it’s just reached the “OMG” stage.

Then there’s the lunchbox I’m pretty sure I forgot to clean out, and that I don’t have the heart to open at the moment. And my car. Dammit, I need to clean the car out AGAIN.

The upside to this: Is that these days, I actually notice the piles, and care about doing something about them, and I do, I DO do something about them. On the other hand, there’s just so much to DO.

I’m not at the proactive stage yet. I’m just going to munch some orzo salad and turn the lights off for a little while.


4 thoughts on “ADHD: The pileup of life’s details.

  1. All too familiar… well, I don’t have a husband with ADHD and I don’t have kids and I only have one rat (who actually helps with the tidying up, except that I didn’t really want to store my mail in his nest). I do have a job that requires shift work… and I’m not living together with my SO.
    But still.
    Overwhelming at times. I’ve found myself crying over ironing. Earlier today the supermarket was too much to handle, but an hour later I was completely fit to do the dishes, clean the kitchen and tidy up my bedroom. I even have my clothes set out for tomorrow…

    But now I’m running late for bed. Yes.

  2. This sounds just like me… and the bad news is, I am currently staying with my mom, who is completely Type A, neat freak, perfectionist. I’m pretty sure God gave me to her as a daughter to punish her for something in a past life, because I am her worst nightmare! I had to laugh when you mentioned the lunch box… when I was working full time I brought my lunch to work in a lunchbox, and there were several weekends when I forgot to empty it out, and then by Monday felt like, “Its too scary to open it now. I’ll just bring my lunch in a bag!”

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