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Anxiety: Sometimes You Just Need a Chemical Kickstart

That anxiety that was owning me recently? Gone. Gone daddy, gone. I am thankful.

Not to say that I have none…but whatever I’m doing is apparently working. Here’s what I’ve been doing to try to mitigate it:

1) My prescriber added a small dose of Buspar to my meds regimen.

2) I stopped taking my stimulants for several days just to take that extra stimulation out of my system.

3) I stared headlong into a project that I needed to finish, that was causing me terrible, irrational, groundless worry. It’s done. It’s gone. My life moves forward.

4) I delved deeper into things that make me happy, that are good for my family, and good for my community. I’m a community placemaker and I’ve taken my skills to a new community to help them build something wonderful. What a great feeling.

I think that each of these tactics has had its own benefit. I honestly feel better than I have since…November, I’d say. I really don’t think my antidepressant had been working well since then, and other stressful things in my life (bad work stress) was not helping.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been increasingly able to enjoy my family, connect emotionally with friends (instead of hurrying to avoid social interaction, or being to busy for it), enjoy my work, enjoy my herd of pets, and just plain get shit done.

A multi-dimensional approach to adjusting my inner steering is usually what works best for me. For me, meds are also a helpful ingredient. I know this isn’t true for everyone, but the type of anxiety that is native to my mind and body is just not something I can totally manage without meds. They help me to be able to use other tools effectively. My dosages are small, but appreciated. This, I think, is one of the advantages to having been diagnosed at a later age. I was in my mid-30s…I have lived a life with constant anxiety, I had attempted to be proactive about my life without medication, I had already begun to explore food related issues, and therapy and found that something more could be helpful to me. I deserved peace. Don’t we all? It’s up to each of us to find that path. And once we find it – to allow ourselves to accept it.

So…that’s all for now, just a quick check in to follow up on the anxiety narrative. Have a great day.


2 thoughts on “Anxiety: Sometimes You Just Need a Chemical Kickstart

  1. Love it. Gave me food for thought.
    Especially the last week or so I have been doing a project that really affected my moods.

    Thanks, and keep posting!

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