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ADHD: Keeping the size of our lives manageable

Ever have it happen where something that didn’t used to be a problem, becomes a problem for you? I’ve been struggling through that lately and frankly, driving myself a little nuts.

I think it’s a direct result of the fact that I’m simply VERY busy. My life and responsibilities have grown explosively and I’m having a legitimately difficult time keeping up. However, I used to find a large pile kind of motivating. I certainly have the ability to look at the list and prioritize things, and just do one thing at a time and get things done. Maybe the issue is that so many items on my list have a high priority, that I don’t know what to do.

Yes, I think that’s it. It’s like nothing obviously takes a sole throne at the top of the list, so it makes is constantly challenging to identify a priority.

Some of it is one-time stuff. This weekend I set about to chip away at a list of the one-time stuff. Did a pretty good job.

I also got a volunteer for one specific task for one of my businesses. Ironically that task is blogging, lol. But I never have time to do the blogging that needs to happen for that business. And I knew a woman who was interested in volunteering for the experience, who I know has good language skills, and who spends a lot of time online anyway. Been a couple of weeks now and she’s adapting well and creating some nice posts.

So I’m trying things like delegating…and prioritizing…and getting easy stuff out of the way.

Maybe it just comes down to my life being too “big”. I really like creating systems for things and my brain has been churning this over and over for weeks…that I can’t seem to find a system that suits this task. There’s too many pieces, and too many variables and too many surprises on top of that. And maybe there’s a person out there that could manage it all, but maybe that person isn’t me. And maybe that’s okay.

That’s when I really have a problem to face: What do I cut out? Truthfully, right now, because I have businesses in growth mode (yes, more than one…which is probably my real problem, lol) I have to keep going.

I think I do, anyway. I don’t want to give up on my projects before they have a chance to pay off. But if they pay off, will the result be MORE, or less of what I’m experiencing now!?

My head hurts.


2 thoughts on “ADHD: Keeping the size of our lives manageable

  1. Ugh, I totally concur! So grateful I found your blog today. Thank you for sharing. I feel like hearing similar issues addressed from another voice will be helpful for me, not to mention all these awesome tips. Love the priority matrix post. I have a monthly subscription to where there are tons of helpful worksheets like that. I haven’t actually used any yet but at least I know they’re there for me when I’m ready! πŸ™‚

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