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ADHD: When The Usual Tricks Don’t Work

Boy oh boy, do I hate days like today. Days when my brain just…won’t…cooperate.

It’s just not fair – I took the meds at the right time, and I made sure to take a break to have a snack, and I’ve turned my music on to help me keep going (that almost always helps…and I can’t say it isn’t, but I need a little more of a boost somehow). I’m trying to use a to-do list. I’m DOING my TREATMENT STEPS. I’m USING my COPING STRATEGIES. And I’m getting really frustrated. I’m running out of tricks here. The only ones I haven’t used yet today are “walk the dogs” and “clean the kitchen” (sometimes I just have to step away from my to-do list to reset my mind, and movement can help with that).

I may be having a self-employment day here, but that doesn’t mean that I can just not work. I have things I need to get done.

Is it hormones? Is it ADHD? Is it…just a fact of being human that we aren’t always perfect, I mean it’s so tempting to assume that everything has a diagnostic name.

I’ve been busting so much ass for the past couple of weeks. So productive. SO following the rules. And I know if you’re reading this, you have to work pretty aggressively to maintain a routine when your brain resides in the ADHD zone.

Do I just need a break? Is my brain just officially tired of working on everything I need to work on right now? No more novelty?


I’m going to try a cup of decaf tea – AND after I see what that does, I might try the dog-walking.

Does your brain drive you nuts with willful refusal to cooperate?

Note 1/17/13: Ah ha! I knew something wasn’t right. I mean I DO have days where my brain just won’t be steered, however, I realized that this week I have been accidentally eating gluten (an ingredient I didn’t realize was present in a food I was eating). That always gives me horrendous brain fog. OOPS. Mystery solved…this mystery, anyway.


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