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ADHD: The anxious, the irate, and the just plain obnoxious

There’s a stereotype out there that girls and women with ADHD are out there being all spacey-McSpacerson in inattentive-land all over the place. It may be a stereotype that is based in truth – I suppose it’s possible that most females with ADHD fit that description. I, for one, certainly don’t. When I was a … Continue reading

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ADHD: Ensure your own success.

When the often native impatience of ADHD is steering you, it’s easy to put things off – things that you should have done five minutes ago. It has taken me years, to learn to over-ride that impulse. And by over-ride, I mean mostly ignore the impulse to procrastinate on life’s little details, about 85% of … Continue reading

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ADHD: To Meds or Not To Meds?

This blog post/conversation actually started earlier today on Twitter, prompted by a question from @splinteredmind and @beyondmeds. My profile on Twitter (@18channels) is a little provocative at the moment and reads: “Don’t send me anti-meds SPAM. I will report/block/humiliate you.” I wrote that because I’d had a classic “alternative treatments SPAMMER” respond to one of my … Continue reading

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ADHD and Sensory Issues: Light, Sound, Smell, Touch, Torture

Soooo, quick re-cap: There’s ADHD, there’s sensory processing disorder, and then there’s the simple fact that many of us with ADHD also have “sensory issues”, and yes, these may all overlap somehow in ways we don’t fully understand yet. ADHD is Attention Deficit Disorder, a title that refers to the fact that those of us … Continue reading