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Adult ADHD & Workflow: The Fear of Letting Go

I’ve heard that there is a fantasy world out there, where people focus on their work, then take a break, then focus again. One of the most persistent ADHD-related behaviors that I have worked to curb is my workaholic tendencies. I guess curb isn’t the right word, perhaps modify is a better one. Because I want … Continue reading

ADHD / Adult ADHD / Anxiety / Coping Strategies / Medications

ADHD and Anxiety: Regretting the regrettable before it even happens

Lately, I am happy when I step aside for a moment to observe my life in action and realize that I’m far more organized and “in control” (whatever that means) than I was two years ago. I suppose it’s not a huge surprise. Two-ish years ago I had just gotten married and acquired three step-children. … Continue reading

Adult ADHD / Anxiety / Coping Strategies / Medications

There’s no place like meds for the holidays…

I. Hate. The. Holiday. Season. I dread it. And seasonal anxiety or depression does nothing to lessen that sensation. I’m sure I blogged about this last year but it’s too painful to go check so just bear with me. I promise there’s a proactive ending. Call it an early holiday (yes holiday, a non-denominational term of … Continue reading