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Freshbooks Revolution

Yes, I’m posting about again. Because it’s AMAZING. It’s revolutionizing my ADHD life.

Favorite current feature: Time Tracking. I have Freshbooks installed on my iPhone – I pull it up when I’m working on a client project. I select a client, select a project, select a task, hit the arrow icon an it starts up a time clock. When I’m done I hit save. It is stored in a list with the rest of my completed blocks of project time. At the end of the month I hit like three icons and voila, it generates an invoice that I can then email to my client.

Another major plus: It motivates you by adding up your “unbilled time” for you…so the number gets bigger and BIGGER as you work! And because you know you have money coming in and the amount gets bigger, I get to live in reality instead of anxiety, and I know exactly how much money I have coming in (instead of wondering IF I have money coming in).

Freshbooks not only allows you to email invoices to clients, it also enables them to pay you via Paypal (if you’re into that sort of thing).

I actually look FORWARD to working now because I love hitting that magic timer button and racking up those billable hours! Unheard of.


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