Freshbooks – My New Best ADHD Friend

I enjoy not working at one desk job 40 hours per week but since I’ve cut that cord, I have struggled with invoicing. It’s a multi-step process guaranteed to send an ADHD-er over the edge. It has multiple steps. It involves remembering (remembering to do it at all, that is). It involves anxiety – because you’re afraid you’ll forget it, because you realized you forgot it, or worse yet, because you have to do it all all.

The first step for me, in doing this, was to make sure to always have a little notebook with me, to write my time down for my various projects. I got really good at that. Sadly (yes, this is a little bit of hyperbole…sort of), at the end of each month, I then had to transcribe those handwritten entries onto an invoice template that I had to manually wiggle around to make work.

I began to dread this task each month…which, as anyone with ADHD can tell you, guarantees avoidance of the task.

Well…I needed the money. So I had to send the invoices. So I did some online research and found Freshbooks. It’s a “cloud accounting “program that allows you to create invoices easily, and make entries to the via computer OR SMARTPHONE. No more little notebook. I just set it up and completed and sent two invoices out, AND I set up my invoices for next month so that now, wherever I am, I can enter my time for each task immediately either by computer or phone and I will not have to sit there transcribing, ever again.

There is still data entry involved but the actual work that I have to do is cut at least in half because I don’t have to mess around with a crappy template, with keeping track of a little notebook, with dreading a list of tasks that has been piling up for a month. And the first client I sent a nouveau-invoice to, within minutes of sending, emailed me back immediately with: “SCHNAZZY!”

Freshbooks also plays nice with Quickbooks and such too…which, down the road, if I go that far, could be handy.

For the moment I’m just happy to cast off irrational dread and get on with my day.


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