Dear Gluten, I love you so

Cutting dairy out of my diet was actually super easy. I also have the advantage there of know that a tiny amount won’t actually do anything awful to me so if there’s a teeny bit in something as an ingredient (tiny) I don’t really have to worry about it. I can eat a spoonful of yogurt and I’m not going to die or anything.

I noticed that I was still having digestive distress though, even after eliminating the dairy. Hmmmm. My gluten-intolerant mother and sister wondered “what are you eating more of since you stopped eating dairy”. In the past, they have also mused out loud that it’s not unusual for those with a lactose or gluten intolerance to discover they also have the other intolerance. Well the answer to their question was: wheat stuff. Wheat stuff is what I was eating more of when I cut out the dairy. Well, that and vegetables, but I’ll tell you what: I cut out the gluten and I’m still eating the vegetables and the problem seems to be solved.

My body feels lighter, my gut feels free and my energy is WOW. It’s challenging avoiding wheat ingredients though. For those not in the know: gluten is the protein component in wheat. It is difficult for some bodies to digest. Apparently mine is one of those bodies. Wheat is in everything. There are lots of great gluten-free foods out there (like every non-wheat whole food there is) but you have to plan ahead a little bit and you have to unlearn reflexes.

I have been at receptions a couple of times in the past week where I had to stop myself from just grabbing some pretzels or crackers out of a bowl. Clearing dinner plates from the table last night, I grabbed an uneaten chicken nugget off of one of the kids’ plates and started chewing when suddenly the “GLUTEN ALERT” went off in my brain…and…I’m going to confess, I spit it into a bowl and fed it to the dog. He looked hungry, okay!!! I’d only chewed it a couple times! I’m not the second-coming of Alicia Silverstone, ADHDog loved it…don’t look at me like that!

There actually is an ADHD tie in here. When my body is feeling more settled and less disrupted I have more energy and that certainly does’t hurt my ability to be productive. It takes a lot of energy to be me, I need all I can get. Though I still have the same brain, I think that taking better care of my body is making it a little easier for me to think. My body feels more peaceful.

And now I need to go paint a bathroom, ta-ta for now…oh man, WordPress won’t let me justify my post to make it all square looking, THAT IS ANNOYING…


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