This life experiment is still rolling along successfully

Which is really why I haven’t had much to write about. When life is just working there’s no angst to grease the verbiage and roll it along.
I am enjoying splitting time between my home office and the office downtown that I share with my mother. I am making the interpersonal connections that I need to in order to make my projects roll forward. I am taking on a few new projects as I roll along, easily replacing the salary I left behind.
It just works. It just moves along as it should.
Wow, that sounds really boring. But it’s not –  for the first time in my life I feel peaceful.
It’s so good.
I still recalibrate from time to time to make sure I’m doing what I need to do, in order to keep my life orderly – as I will for the rest of my life. And I’m not allowed to stay in bed past 8:30am. I share a home with people who are still “on the grid” of course, and the people I freelance for tend to have “normal” schedules as well. It’s a logical concession, not an arbitrary one, so I’m willing to make it. I don’t miss other people’s arbitrary rules.
The world feels wide again. I am meeting good people again. I feel appreciated again, by the people that I am working with and for. And I am doing good work. Transition is awkward, but I’m taking it in stride (and writing in cliches, apparently).
Que bueno.

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