As we all know, staying on task can be challenging when you are an adult with ADHD. 
But I’ll tell you what – it’s not the single step tasks that present a problem, it’s the multi-step tasks. Specifically the multi-step tasks that I have no interest in completing in the first place. My brain’s first reaction to them is a flash in my mind of a GIANT HORRIBLE MOUNTAIN OF TASK. And the second it pops into my head, my brain is immediately looking for a distraction. Unfortunately distractions are very easy to find.
At work, or when I’m at home and trying to get important things done, fortunately I often have many work/important things to do that are smaller and more palatable chunks of “must do”. So I can procrastinate and still get work done! Perfect scenario!
Clearly this is only a temporary reprieve tho. I get to a point, eventually, where I must attack the mountain. And I do. Yeah…I do. I break it into smaller chunks…or the urgency of needing to finish it puts it on the top of the pile in a way that is compelling.
I just wish I spent more time with tasks that actually interest me on my plate.
Ho. Hum.

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