I might need to set an alarm for this…

After taking medication that makes you focus like a laser beam, REMEMBER TO TAKE BREAKS so that you don’t give yourself arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

I got a ton of work done today…but after clicking like a demon for like, 4 hours straight, the knuckles in my right hand are screaming in that way that abused joints do.


Remembering to take breaks was already a problem for me…with stimulant medication, I still have that problem, I’m just working on two things at a time instead of 15. Which is probably actually worse for my joints, though it’s terrific for my productivity!

Silly ADHD.


3 thoughts on “I might need to set an alarm for this…

  1. I am proud to announce in a public forum that I take a cocktail of: nortriptyline 25mg daily, Concerta (18mg in the morning) and methylphenidate/Ritalin 5mg in the afternoon.I can very quantitatively list the ways in which these medications improve my life…like narrowing my hyperfocus to fewer topics…ha…but I've had to correct my "ergonomic" uh, mechanics.

  2. I just recently started using the Pomodoro Technique. I use it to help me stay on task, but it also has built in breaks, which you might find useful when you are in full focus mode… I found a Pomodoro timer online here: haven't tried that one yet. I use an app on my android phone called Pomodroido. You could really use any sort of timer you want, it's the technique itself that is helpful. More info here:

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