Pray for me…

…I’m creating a bill paying schedule for the Rollins Household.

Stop laughing. I’m not terrible with money, and it makes me feel good to “get things on track”.
I think this will make our lives a lot easier actually. And thanks to my iPhone and its handy alerts, technology will actively remind me to make sure the bills get paid.

There’s always a little excitement for the ADHDer embarking on a new organizational project though, isn’t there? And a percentage of that excitement is best described as nervousness 🙂

So…just a wee prayer (there are way bigger problems in the world that need bigger prayers) …and I’ll let you all know how it turns out!

2 thoughts on “Pray for me…

  1. Ohhhh Life would be horror without my bill pay with the bank. I don't know how i did without it and even now I mess up occasionally. But at least I can avoid putting the wrong checks in the wrong envelopes.Good luck…I still have to get my mobile bank app for my new windows 7 phone.

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