Some things are too delicate…

…to be written about. To be spoken of. To be shared.

Some things just are.


4 thoughts on “Some things are too delicate…

  1. I'm impressed to see that you don't think that ADD is one of them. Because my ADD is something I haven't really discussed with too many people. I'd rather not open my weakness that easily… (not yet at least).Kudos to you.

  2. Hi there -I'm a 31 year old guy and am going through the initial process of finding a therapist, figuring out treatment, etc. Anyway – your blog was one of the things that REALLY got me jump-started in the process. I have suspected for the last year or so that I had ADHD but of course you know how we tend to procrastinate, so it took me a while to muster some momentum. Thanks a ton for the insight – it's such an incredible relief to put a name on your troubles and to hear first-hand from people who are dealing with it. Thank you!

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