Fearless Blogger

I just noticed that I have a follower here named “The Fearless Blogger” and that’s got me thinking (Hi “Fearless Blogger” and sorry to use your name as a jumping off point without warning you first! Let’s just chalk it up to ADHD inspiration.).

Blogging really IS terrifying. It’s not really anonymous, and it’s only really good if you’re really sharing yourself in a genuine way. Sharing one’s self in that way isn’t always easy…some days, I just don’t write, because I just can’t go there. Some days I have to edit out details I’d way rather leave in…but that’s always for the protection of others, not myself. Other days, as you know, thanks to ADHD and my otherwise exuuuuuberant personality, I just can’t stop until I’ve cranked out a good 2-3 posts. But that doesn’t mean it’s “easy” to get that personal, it just means that whatever it is that I need from sharing the information is more important to me just then than my privacy. (Or I haven’t taken my Concerta and I’m monologuing on the screen, lol…).

I think that if blogging doesn’t scare, or at least challenge you a little, then you shouldn’t be doing it.

Maybe that’s why I like it so much…it’s my own little ADHD thrillseeking routine…the fears reminds me I’m alive and wakes up my brain…and makes me think. And keeps me writing…pause.


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