oh yeah…that’s what "normal" feels like in my brain

I didn’t take the stimulant today. What fun.

Notice I punctuated that with a period, rather than something more zingy. I got a refresher on “oh yeah…I am usually really moody during the day…and my energy fluctuates a lot…and focusing takes work”.

I’m glad I did it though, I mean stimulants are very “in and out” so it doesn’t screw with you to not take it one day…and when you take them every day you start to feel like it’s not doing anything, because you forgot how awesome it is to just let your brain run amok. So…I needed to remember what life is like without it.

The really lame part was that by noon I was thinking “damn, the medication DOES calm me and make me more productive…”. But Vyvanse is a super long-acting med so I won’t take it in the afternoon just in case I’m wired ’til China. Haha…so I really had to commit to the experiment.

Oops…but grateful for the reminder.


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