Embarrassing Confession

I’m a grad student. Have I ever mentioned in this blog what I am getting a Masters Degree in?


Probably not. Maybe, can’t remember (haha).

Well here goes. I am about to graduate with a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science.

Oh yes…it’s true. I am getting a whole graduate degree in ORGANIZING.

More specifically organizing information and how to find it/research. You won’t be surprised to learn that my emphasis in all of this is on the research/teaching people to find information part, because I enjoy the problem solving and teaching, rather than actually sitting around cataloging things. But I will say this…I am not bad at concocting systems for organizing things, I am not a crappy “cataloger” as they say in the biz, and I do understand systems of organizing just fine.

I know where my strengths lay though…and on a daily basis, I truly am not capable of sitting as a desk putting little bits of information into little boxes all day. Oh hell no. I am much more effective in working with others, seeking information and acting as a guide to others who are seeking it.

When I tell people what I’m getting a degree in, who don’t know me in that context their reaction is generally surprise.

Of course 😉 An ADHDer getting a degree in organizing. And yet I can’t get my brain wrapped around all kinds of routine daily tasks. Yep…that’s me.


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