This is what progress looks like…

Started Vyvanse last week and my eating schedule and sleep schedule are all effed up as a result…though I am slowly adjusting, this has effed up my “everything else” schedule too. With my life the way it is right now, I can’t handle that kind of interference without endangering my sanity. Plus, a lot of other people depend on MY stuff getting done. So I did something I have rarely done in my life…instead of torturing myself to get everything done, instead of quitting something preemptively before it can fail, instead of waiting for the boulders to fall around my feet…I called my sister to come clean my house. I asked some friends to help me with publicity…and bookkeeping. And interestingly, just delegating these duties made it WAY easier for me to let my mind attack other tasks. Duh, right? Yeah, I know…but I didn’t know until I “knew” you know?

Now the challenge will be not letting me use temporary help as an excuse to add more to my plate 🙂 Better spend some quality time meditating on that one…


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