The "Hard" Stuff

Talked to my NP and he and I agreed that I should be getting way more bang for my buck if I’m going to keep seeing “Mr. Strattera”. And so, I broke up with the crazy Italian today. I have a new prescription AND a second diagnosis…anxiety. Ha…didn’t really need to make that official to know it was true. But I wanted to wait to remove some of the external stressors from my life before making the decision to treat it with medication. Stressors reduced and I’m still my pleasantly anxious self…

So tonight, I had a dinner of Chinese cashew chicken, potstickers, and 10 mg of Citalopram for the anxiety. Tomorrow I get the “hard” stuff, Vyvanse. A stimulant…will be interesting to see where THAT goes…

In the meantime, the Celexa doesn’t seem to be steamrolling me like the Strattera did at first…it really is like starting a new relationship…the anticipation of good things to come…the excitement and anxiety of the unknown…fear of failure…and feeling things you’ve never felt before! Oh sigh…


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