Thank God for Motherf***ing Post-Its

I swear to God, someone with ADHD must have invented those f*ckers. They are pure genius, pure life saver, and they come in such nice colors these days. I like the hot pink an awful lot.

Post-Its make up for my mind’s total lack of RAM. The steering wheel and the desk are a carnival of neon notes. And each one can hold one idea. So unlike a to-do list, which tortures you until you have finished the whole damn thing, you get to throw a Post-It away as each single item is addressed. Instant satisfaction.


2 thoughts on “Thank God for Motherf***ing Post-Its

  1. "Post-Its make up for my mind's total lack of RAM."Wowsers, that's the first time I've heard ADHD memory problems metaphored with RAM.. and it's perfect! Now, how could it be extended with L1/L2 cache and HDDs… *rubs chin*

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